High Tensile Steel Chains

High Tensile Steel Chains are used for hoisting and lifting equipment. These are fabricated as per IS: 3109-1982 standards and reckoned for their dimensional accuracy, high tensile strength, precision and durability. The range is available of various technical specifications which include width, length and breaking force.

Brass Chains

We are manufacturing and exporting automatic flash-butt welded brass chains for using in mandir (temples) and other worship and showroom places. This chains are rust proof because they are  made from pure brass material. Finish of welding is clean due to our west German welding machines which melts & welds the same material.

Stainless Steel Chains

Stainless Steel Chains ( 304 / 316 / 310 & Other ) for General Purpose
Stainless steel chains can be used for a variety of industrial applications as well as marine applications that require added corrosion resistance. These chains have industrial strength to meet demanding environments. They are used in extreme environments for added longevity.

Mild Steel Proofcoil Chains

We offer high quality mild steel chain as per IS2429 / DIN & proof coil chains are fully reliable and are made with Alloy chains Type weld Finish. These Chains are tested to Break load and Proof load.

Short Link Stainless Steel Chains

We also offer a Short link Stainless Steel Chains (304/316/310 & Other)  for Hoisting / Lifting / acid used / Heat Resistance and other Purpose

Alloy Steel Chains

These alloy steel chains of grade 120 & 100 made from qualitative steel for durability and strength (manufactured in monal factory) are  used for lifting and hoisting  purposes. These chains finds its application as slings, lifting assemblies and load binding. These specific chains covers grade 120 & grade100.

Alloy steel chain (grade 80 calibrate) is:6216:

These chains are embossed with ' t ' mark on every link & gr80 & monal on every meter, it is used for hoisting purpose for mainly hand operated hoist to lift loads. These chains specially heat treated and case carbonized find an application in electric operated & pneumatic/hydraulic hoists. These chains are known for their maximum resistance to distortion, gouging and wear, yet remains ductile for excellent elongation.

 Alloy steel chain (grade 70) :

These grade 70 chains are embossed with ' t ' mark on every link & gr70 and monal on every meter, they are used as integral part of American & Indian transportation industry. These chains are made up of regular alloy Steel, duly hardened & tempered. These chains are widely acknowledged for their strength.

Origin : India monal factory

Monel Metal Chains

We are manufacturing monal metal chains against order.


Conveyor Chains

Conveyor chain, are like transmission chain, consists of a series of journal bearings held in precise relationship to each other by constraining link plates. These chains are used in lots of industries like sewage treatment, coal mining, roller coaster, water industry etc


Open Link Chains

These anchors find application in all kinds of steel structure, lug, bracket, track, pipeline, exterior facing of buildings etc. These anchors have high bearing capability and high security even in splitting concrete


Stud Link Chains

We deals in Stud Link Chains
Available : 76 mm U3 with 17 joining links and 2 Nos. Anchors (in very good condition) available in R/Stock.

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